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  • City gears up for its first Duathlon

    November 27th, 2015adminRecords, All, Sports

    Winter is just around the corner and what better way to kick-start the season with some run-bike-run combination. Yes, Coimbatore is all set to host the city’s first duathlon- an event that consists of a running leg, followed by a cycling leg and culminating with a running leg. Coimbatore Duathlon will be a combination of a 5 km run, 40 km ride and 5 km run. The event is organized by the Coimbatore Cycling and Coimbatore Runners and will be held on November 29. The event will kick-start at 6 am on Avinashi Road near Codissia with a five-km run around the locality, followed by a 40-km cycle ride till Kaniyur & back and ending with a five-km run around Codissia.

    Chakravarthy Birur, one of the organisers of the event, tells CT, “The Coimbatore Cycling and Coimbatore Runners have always wanted to get together and do an activity. Some of our members have represented duathlons and triathlons at international level and some have been preparing for the same. In fact, we wanted to kick off with a triathlon, but since some of our members are not great swimmers, we decided to go with duathlon. This is just a start and we are planning to make it an annual event in the city. We are also mulling over conducting a triathlon sometime in March next year. (Triathlon is a multi-stage competition that involves the participants to complete three activities- running, cycling and swimming -in quick succession) We are exploring different water bodies in the city for the swimming session.”

    Birur adds, “Coimbatore duathlon will begin at 5.45 am on November 29 and is expected to conclude around 10 am. The event is open to all above 16 years of age since endurance activities are not recommended for those below 16. The average age group competing in the event falls under the age bracket 35- 38. The registrations are fast filling up and we have 5 women competing at the event as well. Some of the registrations are from people who have been running and cycling regularly.” The duathlon is a non-competitive event and around 50 participants are expected to take part in the first edition.

    source: / The Times of India / News Home> City> Coimbatore / by P. Sangeetha, TNN / November 26th, 2015

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